Thursday, October 13, 2011

Get Rid of cellulite Fast and Cheap

Package for cellulite are bearing fruit, but what do you do if you have money to go to a beauty salon? Improvise recipes for home using ingredients that have anti-cellulite properties.Here's what's cheap options!

Cellulite affects up to 90% of women most vulnerable areas are the thighs and arms. How many of you can not change risk factors for cellulite, you must pay great importance to food and avoid those products that may worsen cellulite and cellulite turn to solutions that you can apply at home.
"In combat cellulite solutions are not saving, but need to change lifestyle and sustained treatment, consistent. Thus, diet, exercise, creams and massages, wraps cellulite should be combined with the latest technologies, such as using shock waves to a lasting effect, "the specialist recommends.
                                             Foods that need to stay away
1. Soda and fresh sites in excess
2. Coffee in excess
3. Alcohol in excess
4. Fried foods and fast-food diet
5. Meats and other animal fats industrial preparations (canned, cooked, pate)
6. Sweets and refined foods
Also, smoking, tight clothing (prevents blood circulation, especially tight pants and a habit of sitting cross-legged) and high heels fall into the category of risk factors for cellulite.

                                          How can you do at home packing 
Before any packaging is made with sea salt exfoliation to allow active substances to penetrate the skin well, you can prepare yourself a scrub, mixing sea salt, olive oil and lemon juice or coffee grounds with olive oil or coffee grounds with honey or brown sugar with honey.
Also, for a guaranteed effect is recommended to drink plenty of plain water before and after packaging body and avoid coffee, carbonated drinks carbonated, sugar, fat, fried foods and alcohol within 48 hours.

1. Wraps cellulite creams. Use a cellulite creams, massage and wrap well with foil problem areas food. You should wait as long as (1 hour) to promote sweating. Do not shower in the next 6 hours after you remove the foil.2. Packs of coffee and olive oil. Heat olive oil, mix it with coffee powder, applied to problem areas and then with foil food packs. Leave on 15-30 minutes, then take a shower. "These wraps tones the body, stimulates its ability to burn fat, speed up metabolism and eliminate excess water held
3. Wraps with cocoa butter or Shea butter. Use cocoa butter or unrefined Shea butter, massage problem areas, food wrap them with foil and leave to act as much. Finally it is advisable to shower 6-8 hours do not allow for active substances act.4. Wraps with cocoa and olive oil. Heat olive oil, mix it with cocoa, applied to problem areas and cover them with foil food. Leave on 30 minutes, after which you can do shower.5. Seaweed wraps and olive oil. Heat oil, mix it with seaweed powder and 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil. Apply to problem areas and cover them with foil food. and allow to act  30 minutes, then take a shower. 

Basic rules if you want to get rid of cellulite 
  • Say goodbye to sedentary lifestyle and get a sports program that you follow it religiously;
     Do not overdo it with alcohol; 
  •  You have to look for cigarettes;
      Attention to modern models of contraceptive pills with estrogen, they may contribute to increased weight gain and cellulite
  • Detox is essential: do not forget the fruit, vegetables and more fiber.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Natural treatments for skin and hair

Many women spend a fortune on cosmetic products with limited results, that while we have at hand cheap remedies. It's vegetables, fruits and dairy products that contain essential elements to stimulate cellular renewal, to moisturize skin, reduce spotting regenerate skin or hair.

Apple is an excellent antioxidant, which prevents skin spots
Due to the high content of vitamin C and its antioxidant properties, light and fresh grapefruit gives your complexion. It is also a good astringent for oily skin because it allows close pores and fights acne. in addition, is an extraordinary stimulating blood circulation, detoxify the skin providing. If you mix with kiwifruit pulp, you get a perfect mask to stimulate, tone and moisturize skin.
Avocado contains fat soluble vitamins (fat soluble), which creates a film role and rejuvenate skin moisture retention for several hours, so it is a perfect moisturizer for dry skin. Because of its protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, yogurt can be used as a mask, with great benefits. Leave it on for ten minutes and your skin be more smooth. in case of irritation, it can apply only locally, with a floppy cotton.
Honey has the ability to regenerate, allowing the elimination of dark circles. For this, it is sufficient to dilute a tablespoon of honey in half a liter of warm water. two cotton pads soaked cotton in this solution and apply them on the eyes. Leave diluted honey on for ten minutes, then rinse your face with cold water.
Milk has anti-aging effect on skin. Due to its richness in protein and minerals, is a real beauty treatment of skin. The famous supermodel Cindy Crawford's 90s confessed that her beauty secret is milk, which you spray on your face. If you want to try this miracle cure, mix milk with plain water and put them in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your face and leave it on for a quarter of an hour. You can also inmoi this solution to a floppy cotton, then you remove her face and rinse after 10-15 minutes you, preferably with thermal water. If your budget allows, you can use milk and whole body hydration and smoothness. Add to bath water three to four liters of cow milk in it and stay submerged for 15 minutes. Ideal is to use the country's milk, which is much fatter than in trade.
Oranges are an ally for a shiny and healthy. They and astringent, which allows closure of pores and thus prevent excess sebum and acne. Some specialists recommend diluting orange juice with water and apply on the skin to stimulate cell renewal and facilitate delamination, especially in the face.
Sea salt is rich in trace elements like iodine and copper, stimulating the skin. Allows peeling feet, is enough to cufunzi for 20 minutes in warm salt water.
Papaya helps eliminate dead cells and skin impurities. Oil extracted from seeds of this fruit is very moisturizing.

Natural Remedies for hands and nails

Hands tell the story of a woman,so that hands and nails need to look perfectly at all times,especially as they are exposed in most of the time.
Here are some natural recipes you can make at home, to have strong and healthy nails.
Brittle nails oil bath
Keep hands for 10 minutes in wheat germ oil or olive oil warm. Finally massage your hands and cuticles with them.
Primrose oil for nails that exfoliates
If you exfoliate nails is advisable to include evening primrose oil in the diet or simply take it as a supplement. Primrose oil is high in essential fatty acids necessary for cell structure.
Iron nails help for thin,flat
If your nails thin, flat, it is possible to have an iron deficiency. Therefore, to fix this problem you need to increase your iron intake by eating foods such as - lean meat, dried fruits, nuts and green vegetables.
Lemon juice for yellowing nails
Citric acid content of lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent nails.
To be very clean nails, take a cotton disk soaked with lemon juice and use it under the nail. Allow 10 minutes to act and then rinse your nails.
Herbal treatment for brittle nails
Ingredients needed:

 2 tablespoons granulated fine sea salt
 2 drops of essential oil of lemon or some lemon juice
 2 drops of frankincense essential oil (optional)
 2 drops myrrh essential oil (optional)
 2 drops of essential oil of wheat germ (optional)
In a small bowl with warm water Mix all ingredients.
Allow nails to soften in the preparation for 10-15 minutes.
Repeat this treatment two times a week, finishing each treatment by applying a moisturizing cream for hands.
Nail mask with black currants
ingredients needed
1 tablespoon black currant
1 tablespoon flour
1 / 2 tablespoon sour cream
Crushed black currants until you reach the pulp, then mix it with the cream and flour. Mixture apply it on the nails, ask yourself a pair of gloves and let bunbac mask to act for 2 hours. Finally, rinse your hands with warm water.
Vitamin E essential in strengthening and nourishing nails and cuticles.
Tighten capsule of vitamin E (the band currently does not in any drugstore) and apply the oil obtained by massaging your nails cuticles evening.
Massage your nails every night with a nail cream to help nourish them, and remember:
Massage your hands with moisturizer every time you use no matter if you use water or detergent of any kind.